Air Plant Care Instructions

Ionantha Air Plants :
Air plants (also known as Tillandsia), are a wonderful and easy plant to care for; however, don't be fooled by their names! Even though they're called "air" plants, they still require nutrients, water, indirect sunlight, and plenty of love and care to grow into happy and healthy plants.
Light & Indoor Homes:
Be sure to place your plant near an adequate light source, but out of direct sun. Too much sun, even in an indoor environment can be harmful. Choose a home for your EcoBot near a window or somewhere else inside—such as near artificial light. Air plants also love steam and moisture, so the kitchen or a bathroom window is also a great place for them to hang out!
Airplants do not require soil and actually absorb their nutrients through their leaves. Use a spray bottle to gently mist the leaves of your plant a few times a week. Be sure to remember that there are factors in your environment (humidity, AC, etc.) that can effect how often your plant should be watered. Keep an eye on your plants' leaves, as they can tell you if they're thirsty or not! A hydrated plant will have wide open leaves, but a dehydrated plant will have skinny, curled leaves.
Air plants lovewell, you guessed it—air! As such, they tend to do better in open spaces as opposed to enclosed spaces. Be sure your plant is placed somewhere that has good air circulation.